wildlifeUrban wild animals and yard pests can move into homes, outbuildings, and yards uninvited, creating all kinds of property damage, endangering pets and children, and causing distress to homeowners in the process.

When the weather turns cold wildlife will look for a warm place to spend the night and as warmer weather arrives, they seek out a safe place to give birth and protect their young. The wild animals found in urban areas typically gain entry into a home through torn or missing ventilation screens, a chimney, access crawlspaces, or by digging under foundation walls. Unwanted animals can also burrow into the ground in your yard and flower beds creating a mess and bringing fleas with them.

Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife removal services may become necessary if animals have decided to make your home their home. We hold the specialized licenses required by the State of California to legally trap and humanely remove your unwanted pests. Additionally, we also hold a contractor’s licence and have years of construction experience, which means CSI Exterminators can also repair the structural damage pest animals have caused. We will work with the homeowner to identify both current and potential entry points so the necessary exclusion steps can be taken to prevent repeat infestations of wildlife. CSI Exterminators is committed to helping you protect your home, your family, and your property investment.