Effective Fly Control Solutions

They’re more than just annoying, flies and mosquitoes spread diseases like Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and E. coli, as well as the deadly dengue fever, and West Nile virus.

If you’re planning a backyard BBQ, Wedding, or Swim Party, the last thing you want are flies buzzing around. We have a fly control solution to keep your event a fly-free zone!

Fly Control Programs: We’ll help you get rid of annoying flies

We have a variety of fly control options including patio fly lights and fly baiting programs.

If your family likes to eat outside on your patio, or you enjoy BBQ, you have more than likely found yourself swatting at irritating flies as they buzz around your face and your food.

Below are a few of the fly control options we have available to our customers.

Fly Lights

Non-zapping Patio Fly Lights are designed to sit on a table top or attach the wall of your home.

Our fly lights use an ultraviolet bulb to attract flies. Once inside the light fixture, flies stick to a non-toxic glue board and they are unable to escape; trapped flies are not visible from the outside of the fly light. The glue board traps are replaced on a regular basis by our technicians.

Fly Spot Baiting Programs – No Electricity Required

If a power source is not readily available to supply a fly light, the Florida Fly-Baiter, or our fly “spot baiting” program may be the answer.

Spot bait is effective for approximately two weeks. We apply a special fly attractant to a certain area and flies are drawn to that location instead of being attracted to your food. The Florida Fly-Baiter uses a combination of color attraction technology and baiting material to draw in the flies. Once inside the bait station, flies are unable to escape the container.

Dangers Associated with Flies

A fly’s body has thousands of little hairs covering it. The hairs collect bacterial and viral pathogens from the decomposing organic matter each time a fly lands. Each time a fly lands on a counter top, on food, or on other surfaces, they leave these pathogens behind.

There are over 240,000 varieties of flies. The type we see most often is the common housefly. Common house flies can carry over a million bacteria on its tiny body.

All flies, no matter the variety, are disease carriers. Many of the diseases and viruses they carry are harmful, even deadly, and can be transmitted to humans.

Because flies can transmit disease so easily, it is important to have fly control measures in place.

CSI Exterminators, Inc. can take care of the fly problem at your home by teaching you how to prevent future infestations, by treating a current infestation with a bait or an insecticide, or by installing discreet, attractive fly lights on your patio.

Mosquito Control

Nearly everyone is affected by mosquitoes during the warm summer months.

BBQs, swim parties, and evenings on the patio can be ruined by constantly swatting at mosquitoes!

Our Technicians will help homeowners to identify and then eliminate areas mosquitoes are drawn to. Standing water is very attractive to mosquitoes – everything from bird baths to discarded tires, even puddles from the latest rainfall can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

If you have an extreme mosquito problem, reach out to your local county mosquito abatement office for their free services. For Fresno County, click here. For Madera County, click here. For Tulare County, click here.