Bird Control Solutions for Your Home

Tired of dealing with the mess birds are making around your home? Pigeons, Starlings, Swallows, and other birds can be a real nuisance. They wreak havoc on your home’s eaves, siding, solar panels, and air conditioning units.

Pest birds are not only messy, they also carry harmful diseases and bacteria.

You’ve invested a LOT into your home. You’ve spent valuable time, money, and energy taking care of it. Why let bird feces, nests, and debris ruin your hard work?

We have bird control solutions to help keep pigeons, starlings, swallows, and other pest birds off of your cars, awnings, siding, solar panels, and air conditioning units.

Safety, sanitation, and health hazards caused by bird droppings can expose your family and pets to serious risks. And what about the damage their droppings cause to your air conditioning unit? How about the money you loose when their nests keep your solar panel array from functioning at its maximum output?

Call CSI Exterminators to start taking control of your bird situation today! We have a variety of humane bird control solutions available.

Bird Control Products

Our bird control products are designed to keep birds from landing on or in specific areas. If they can’t perch, they won’t build a nest!

The bird control solutions we install can be used in residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial settings.

Each property is different, so please call us today (559) 294-1779 to set up your free inspection. You’ll receive a no-obligation quote once we are able to evaluate the bird issue in-person.