Bird Control Options for Your Home

Tired of dealing with droppings, nests, and other debris from pigeons? Starlings, swallows, and other pest birds can really make a mess too. Not only can these birds destroy your home’s eaves, siding, solar panels, and air conditioning units, they also carry harmful diseases.

If you have a problem with pest birds, you know that maintaining and repairing property damaged by bird droppings and nests is an ongoing expense that can cost thousands of dollars every year – especially if they’re causing damage to your heating and air conditioning unit, or keeping your solar panel array from functioning at a maximum level.

Bird control becomes more challenging the longer nuisance bird roosting and nesting goes untreated.

If their habitat can be modified, it should be modified as soon as possible.

We have a variety of effective solutions to keep pest birds off of your structures and other valuable investments.

Blocking off access to the bird’s harboring, perching, and roosting areas is often the best long-term solution – most bird control products are designed to keep birds from landing on or around specific areas.

The control products we install can be used to deter pest birds in residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial settings. See below to view some of our available options for bird control.