Fresno Thermal Remediation® Bed Bug Treatment: We Kill Bed Bugs with Heat

You’ve probably heard about it in the news, bed bug infestations are on the rise. They make themselves at home in your bed, your couch, and even in your favorite recliner.

Bed bugs multiply quickly and spread easily. They can be very difficult to eliminate with traditional (chemical) pest control methods.

Why should you choose Thermal Remediation® (heat treatment) to get rid of bed bugs?

Research has shown that all life stages of bed bugs (adults, nymphs, and eggs) die within minutes of exposure to temperatures of 122° F and above.

Using advanced Thermal Remediation® technology, we are able to increase and carefully monitor the temperature inside your home.

During the Thermal Remediation® process temperatures in your home will reach 120° – 140° F. These are lethal temperatures to bedbugs, but typically not hot enough to damage your personal belongings. Click here to download a copy of our preparation sheet to learn more about the process.

Compared to traditional bed bug treatment (using chemical liquids, dusts, and trapping), Thermal Remediation® has the highest success rate of killing bed bugs and their eggs.

Traditional chemical methods typically require multiple treatments (each time eggs hatch) to gain control of an infestation. However,  heat treatments are usually successful the first time.

Added Benefit: In most cases, homes that are heat treated for bedbugs do not require household items, mattresses, furniture, and clothing to be thrown away.

Even if you have regular pest control service, you’re still vulnerable to bed bug infestations.

Did you know most regular pest control services do not cover bed bug treatments?

Bed bugs have evolved to become pesticide-resistant. Because of this resistance, infestations are very difficult to eliminate using common pesticides. Effective bed bug treatments require a specialized plan of action.

Bed bugs don’t care if you live in a great neighborhood, or if you keep your home super clean. They’re equal opportunity biters.

Bed bugs are hitchhikers and can find their way onto your clothing, shoes, or bags. You can carry them in to your home without even realizing it. Bed bugs can be picked up from a friend or family member’s house, or in public places like movie theaters and retail clothing stores. We can help you get rid of them. Click here to read the EPA’s top 10 tips to control or prevent bed bugs.

Most pest control operators do not have the equipment to heat treat for bed bugs.

Do you already have a company you’re happy with for your regular general pest control service? No problem, we can fill the gap!

We offer Thermal Remediation® bed bug treatment as a stand alone service.

Many pest control operators do not own Thermal Remediation® heat treatment equipment. We do own the equipment and we’re happy to kill your bed bugs even if you’re not one of our regular monthly or bi-monthly pest control customers.