Termite Treatment & Repair work CSI Exterminators IncA house is only as sound as its foundation; often times the foundation can be the location of a silent disaster.

Termite colonies never stop eating; they chew through wood, flooring, and drywall 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In just 6 short months termites can cause MAJOR damage to a home, so it is extremely important to have a competent termite inspector on your side.

All real estate buyers in California should consider having structures inspected for termite infestation and damage caused by other wood destroying organisms (fungus/dry rot, carpenter ants, etc.).

State real estate law does not require a structure to have an inspection certificate, though mortgage lenders do have the legal right to require a pest inspection certification during the escrow period. Termite inspections are a standard requirement of most mortgage lenders. Inspections are often done as corporate policy for the sake of all parties involved.

If you are a real estate buyer, or a real estate agent looking for a qualified, responsible termite inspector, contact CSI Exterminators today to schedule an inspection. CSI Exterminator’s termite inspector Ronny Nowell has 20+ years of experience with termite inspections, termite colony eradication, and structural repair work/construction repair for damage caused by termites and dry rot.