Rodents are typically in search of two things: a nice warm place to live and a steady supply of food and water.

Rats and mice multiply quickly, cause major damage to buildings, and contaminate food. These troublesome rodents can also carry and transmit a multitude of diseases that are dangerous to your staff & customers — don’t let your business become their home!

We help Central Valley business owners with rodent control, keeping rats and mice out of their offices, kitchens, warehouses, and other buildings.

Did you know a rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter and a mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime? Believe it!

We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your property and identify the points of entry rodents are using to gain access to your business.

Our advanced pre-baiting, trapping, and exclusion programs are custom designed to fit the environmental requirements of your specific property. Rats in particular are very adept at identifying traps – we have the experience necessary to trick the pesky little critters.

How We Control Rats and Mice

CSI Exterminators’ rodent control service begins with a FREE, comprehensive inspection of the affected building.

We look for structural issues or damage that provide mice and rats with an entry point and we look for evidence of current infestations as well.

Once we have identified current or potential structural entry points, we work with the business owner to set up an exclusion plan (patching, sealing, blocking, etc.) to keep these harmful pests outside, where they belong.

We use proven techniques and devices to eliminate rodent problems, always keeping in mind the safety of your staff and customers.

Burrowing Rodents: Are Gophers Tearing Up Your Landscaping?

Gophers are highly skilled in burrowing and tunneling through lawns and gardens. The plant, grass, and tree roots they come across in the process serve as their food source. You’ve spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your landscaping maintenance; why let these little guys destroy it?

CSI Exterminators has a highly effective gopher control program. Contact us today and we’ll be glad to get rid of your ankle-twisting, lawsuit-waiting-to-happen, gopher problem.