Don’t let a bedbug infestation be the reason your company gets a bad reputation.

All it takes is one unhappy person sharing their bedbug horror story through an online review, and you’re spending hundreds, even thousands, to issue refunds, repair your reputation, and get rid of the bugs.

If you’ve done your research, you’ve more than likely heard about using a heat treatment for bedbugs. You’ve probably also learned that heat treatments are the best, fastest, and most cost-effective way to gain control of a bedbug infestation.

We are one of the few pest control companies in the state who have invested in the thermal equipment required to address your bedbug problems.

Our technicians use advanced Thermal Remediation® technology to heat the interior of your rooms to a point where both bedbugs AND their eggs are killed. Click here to schedule your FREE bedbug inspection.

Why should you choose Thermal Remediation® heat treatment for bedbug infestations?

Most pest control companies treat bedbug infestations with chemical liquids or dusts. Liquids and dusts are not an effective means of killing bedbug eggs. A follow-up treatment or several follow-up treatments (after eggs hatch) are required if these methods are used.

On the other hand, research has shown that ALL life stages of bedbugs (adults, nymphs, and eggs) die within minutes of exposure to temperatures of 122°F and above.

Our Thermal Remediation® heat treatment process ensures that temperatures in your rooms reach 120°-140°F. These are lethal temperatures to bedbugs, but typically not hot enough to damage furnishings or electronics. Click here to download a copy of our preparation sheet, or contact us to schedule your no-cost inspection.

Compared to traditional bedbug treatments, Thermal Remediation® has the highest success rate of killing all life stages of bedbugs, including bedbug eggs.

Added Benefit: In most cases, rooms that are heat treated for bedbugs do not require mattresses and furniture to be thrown away.

Even if you have regular general pest control service, you’re still vulnerable to bedbug infestations.

Did you know general pest control service does not typically cover bedbug treatments?

No matter how clean you keep your business, or what neighborhood it’s in, pesticide-resistant bedbugs can find their way onto travelers’ clothing and luggage, and into your hotel rooms. We can help you get rid of them. Click here to schedule your FREE inspection.

Most pest control operators do not own the equipment necessary to provide heat treatments for bedbugs.

Do you already have a company you’re happy with for your regular general pest control service? No problem, we can fill the gap!

We offer Thermal Remediation® bedbug treatment as a stand-alone service.

Many pest control operators do not own Thermal Remediation® heat treatment equipment. We do own the equipment, and we’re happy to kill your bedbugs even if you’re not one of our regular monthly or bi-monthly pest control customers.