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Commercial Termite Work

We don’t just kill termites, we can repair the damage they've done.

Termite Treatment & Repair work CSI Exterminators IncDon’t let your business fall down around you! Termites eat away your assets by causing major damage to buildings, materials, and inventory. We’ve got the solution to make sure termites are stopped dead in their tracks.

Own a large commercial building or multiple rental properties? We are qualified to handle any termite related issues that business owners and property managers encounter. No two buildings are exactly alike, so we’ll perform a thorough on-site inspection to determine if your property is or has been affected by an infestation of subterranean or drywood termites. From traditional soil treatments to whole building fumigations, we have the right solution to address the termite problem in your commercial structure.

We don’t just kill termites, we can repair the damage they’ve done.

We’ve inspected your property and have found evidence of wood destroying organisms (termites, “dry rot” fungus, etc.). Your structure has been successfully treated and the problem has been eradicated, but now what do you do? There is still structural damage that needs to be fixed… If you’ve chosen to work with CSI Exterminators, Inc. for your termite problems, you can rest easy! We are fully capable of handling the structural repair work required to bring your building back up to certification standards.


Don't wait until termites have eaten you out of house and home!